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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


It has been noted that a computer has the main parts and peripherals. These parts and peripherals work together to make the computer perform tasks or solve a particular problem. The human body is composed of cells into tissues into organs then into systems. Same also implies a computer, it is all based on circuitry cells working in a logical way to make the computer a useful device to man. Just like the parts of our body are very important to us since they help us in doing our work and enables us to communicate with one another, the computer parts also aid communication process between the computer system itself and the user.

HEART - CPU - Central Processing Unit
It controls every activities of the computer. Also responsible for the processing of data into information just like the heart pumping blood round the body.

BRAIN - RAM - Random Access Memory
This stores data and information temporarily on a computer. It is also responsible for the starting up of a computer and running of programs. It's what a computer uses to remember things.

NERVOUS SYSTEM - Motherboard
This is a printed panel of physical arrangement in a computer that contains the computer's basic circuitry and components. It's like a communication channel between every parts and components of the computer system.

BRAIN - Hard Disk
This is a secondary storage on a computer used to back-up data and information. It is used to write information for future reference. You will agree with me that the human brain is incomparable.

This is a collection of wires through which data is transmitted from one part of a computer to another. It is also a communication system that transfers data between components inside a computer or between computers.

MOUTH - Speaker / Printer
Both are output devices. They produce what the computer needs to give out.

HANDS - Mouse / Keyboard
Both are input devices. They are used to send in instructions and information into d computer.

EYES - Web cam
Web cam detect light and send signals through the optic lens to the visual and the computer to the CPU. Just exactly like how the eyes works sending visual signals to the brain through optic nerves.

EARS - Microphone
Microphone receives sound waves and sends it into the computer for processing. Ears for recognition.

FACE - Monitor
This is an output device. It has a screen which it uses to display what the computer is doing or how it feels. Just like the human face shows different expressions.

SKIN - System Casing
This gives the computer a definite shape. It defines a computer telling us more about it, how it responds to the conditions around. Same implies the human skin, it defines the human body.


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    1. The internet represents how the computer has evolved further then us. That will be when we gain telepathy and learn to communicate with each other by achieving enlightenment and access to a higher realm of infinite knowledge - where our sprits/souls and life-force reside - and where our counsiousness is projected from.

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  8. What about the GPU/Graphics Card? What about the Power Supply? Does the cables act as arteries and veins?

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  11. what can be said abt operating systems and softwares?comparing them with human body.

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